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segunda-feira, 10 de novembro de 2008

I am generally a happy person.
I think about nature a lot.
I know I want more children.
I want a house and all new furniture.
I dislike mean people.
I miss my family in RS
I fear looking stupid, because I honestly feel like I am!
I feel sleepy.
I smell my house.
I cry in many occasions.
I search for new ways to make money.
I love Eduardo and Samuel!
I care about my friends.
I always want to go on vacation.
I worry about Samuel when I am away from her.
.I remember events in my life that have been photographed.
I believe I have a good heart.
I I never dance.
I just wish I could.I sing every day!
I don't always say I love you enough.
I argue when I am not in control of myself.
I write mostly on my blog.
It's such a great motivator to keep an online journal.
I win when I control my physical desires.
I lose when I let in to my physical desires.
I wish I were a photographer, artist, or musician.
I don't understand math, politics, or science.
I can usually be found at home or outside.
I am scared of somebody coming over when my house isn't up to par.
I love to cook.
I am happy because I choose to be!

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Simone disse...

Sam, entra no msn que eu te ajudo:

Simone disse...

Ficou lindo!!!! agora dá pra ir acrescentando e tirando o que quiser!!! bjs

Simone disse...

por que o post de cima tá sem comentários? risos

adorei a nova cara e as novidades. Já vi ali do lado a agenda.